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Year 10 2018 Work Experience

A reminder to all students that your Work Arrangement form is due during term 1. Please remember to complete all areas of the form and sign in the relevant areas

Once completed return the form to either the Careers Office or leave in my pigeon hole in the main office (Mrs Naomi Nolan). Your form will then be signed with relevant school signatures and processed. 

Safe at Work: Note - your completed General Module (Certificate) is also due with this form. Once your placement is finalised I will advise on which Industry Module to complete.

For further assistance please refer to the following areas of this website:

(for relevant Paperwork)    http://careers.yavneh.vic.edu.au/?page=required-documents  

(For Work Safe Modules)   http://careers.yavneh.vic.edu.au/?page=workplace-safety       


Year 12 2018

A reminder to complete your research on Tertiary courses (you should have a list of at least 6) ready for discussion at your Term 1 Careers Meeting.

You should also be completing your articulation for your scholarship preparation with reference to your leadership and community involvement and experience.

Please refer to the template sent to you during term 4 that followed your Year 11 planning meeting.

Will be discussing your research during your compulsory one-on-one meeting that will be held commencing week 3 of term 1. 

Online bookings can be made via http://careers.yavneh.vic.edu.au/?page=interviews