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Term 2

Welcome to Term 2 Events/Reminders:

- Year 7 & 8 Career Tools introduction (Wed 2nd May P1 & 2)

- Year 9  Career Tools introduction (Wed 9th May P1)

- Year 10 Morrisby Career Profiling (back-up Session) Monday 23rd April (p 1 & 2)

- Year 10 Morrisby Information Evening (Tues 8th May)

- Year 10 Work Experience Preparation (Wed 9th May, P2)

- Year 10 Pathway Meetings commence (Mon 14th May)

- Year 10 Work Experience (Mon 25th - Fri 29th June)

- Year 11 Study Skills (Wed 2nd May, P5)

- Year 11 & 12 Ace your Exams (Wed 23rd May, P6)

- Year 12 Tertiary Information Service (19th June)

- Study Skills (Parents Evening) (Wed. 30th May @ 7:00 pm)

- Careers Corner (fortnightly) in Kesher (also emailed to Students in Years 9-12)

- VCE Careers Expo (Sunday 6th May)

- Monash Series and Melbourne University my Future (refer to Career Corner for details)


Some Truths about Career decision-making
1. Career decision making is not magic
2. Career decision making is about knowing yourself (values, abilities, personality, interests)
3. No one else can make the decision for you
4. You must be actively involved in the process
5. There is not one “ideal” occupation for you. There will be several occupations that will give you the satisfaction you want from work.
6. The career decision you make now is not a life-time decision. You will have several occupations during your working life.
7. Think “Where am I going to start?” not “Where am I going to finish my Career?” your Career is a journey… not a destination!